Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grille de la semaine #23 [League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen #10]

La grille de cette semaine marque ma dixième contribution à la League. La plupart des neuf grilles que j'ai proposées jusqu'à ce jour ont en commun d'avoir mis nombre de joueurs/ses à rude épreuve ; le Figures Sudoku de la semaine dernière n'en étant pas le moindre exemple. Mais comme je l'annonçai précédemment, il m'arrive de créer des grilles de difficulté raisonnable. Celle du jour est proprement un jeu d'enfant pour tout(e) joueur/se régulier(e) et devrait s'avérer un aimable interlude après les grilles de lundi et mardi, qui gentiment retorses à première vue.
Pour rappel, les grilles de la League sont désormais jouables en ligne à l'adresse avec un délai de 24h.

So, after so many tough nuts from me, time for something truly easy. Today's Thermo Sudoku really is a piece of cake and actually it may be one of the easiest puzzles I ever made; it is far from being a masterpiece, just a little something to relax yourselves... until next week. My dear colleagues, be informed that I will not accept a single time over 2'30 on this one - and I am being overly generous -, or a single remark containing the word "hard". That being said, have fun!
Remember that you can now solve the puzzles from the League online on with a 24h delay.

Règles :
Chaque ligne, colonne et région doit contenir les chiffres de 1 à 9.
Des thermomètres sont dessinés dans la grille. Les chiffres présents sur un thermomètre sont strictement croissants en partant du bulbe.
Each row, column and region must contain the digits from 1 to 9.
Thermometers are drawn in the grid. Digits on a thermometer are strictly increasing from the bulb.

#25 Thermo Sudoku



  1. 5:02 on this one Bastien.Too slow?!What is the fastest time on this?You said not above 2:30 which is i think way too fast.
    Got one solvable finally after 2 weeks of unsolvable(still not able to complete figures and greater than killer ,completed renban by guessing so not much to brag about there too).
    Wish you could produce more sudokus of these sort

  2. Don't worry, the 2:30 mark was intended more as a joke, and was not supposed to be considered too seriously. However it may be a potential target time for top players - I expect people who can achieve a top20 in a World Championship to be able to solve this puzzle in 2 to 3 minutes and wouldn't be surprised if the best time of the week is under 2. But right now, the first timings are over this mark and 5:02 seems actually pretty good.
    I do produce easier sudokus (I prepared 30+ of them these last weeks, which will be used for the upcoming french pre-qualifications), but I generally don't post them here since most of the time I don't find them as interesting as the harder ones. But I understand it may be frustrating to face too many hard sudokus; I will definitely take this into account in the future, and maybe try to alternate easy and hard puzzles from week to week - something like that.
    Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated and will surely help me make this blog more convenient to players. And of course I am glad you liked the puzzle!