Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Grille de la semaine #159

Just like last year, this year's World Puzzle Championship featured an instructionless round (on which I did poorly, but nothing new here). What better occasion to publish another "On your own" puzzle, after the one I made back from WPC 2014? The rules of this one are supposed to be simpler to figure out, though the puzzle itself might not be that easy. Good luck, and enjoy.

#173 On Your Own


  1. No chance, stared at it for quite a while... I did solve last year's one though (very nice), so I'll just have to wait for "On your own", 2016 edition to look at this again.

    1. These instructionless puzzles... Finding out which odd rule is used may be difficult. Unless you got some hint.

  2. After a bit of initial head-scratching, I got the rules far quicker than anything in Sofia. The puzzle was perhaps not easy, but nevertheless fair and well constructed!