Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grille de la semaine #59 [League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen #45]

Eh oui, un sudoku classique, il faudra patienter une semaine supplémentaire pour quelque chose de plus original. Afin qu'il vous occupe tout de même quelques minutes, il comporte un passage pas tout à fait trivial.
Pour rappel, les grilles de la League sont jouables en ligne à l'adresse http://sudokucup.com/node/3172 avec un délai de 24h.

Classic sudoku today; sorry but you will have to wait another week for something more original. It should still be hard enough to occupy you for a few minutes.
Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on http://sudokucup.com/node/3172 with a 24h delay.

Règles :
Chaque ligne, colonne et région doivent contenir les chiffres de 1 à 9.
Each row, column and region must contain the digits from 1 to 9.

#66 Sudoku


  1. I wish I could write classic sudoku as good as this! Brilliant puzzle!

  2. Everybody who only tried once will know, how hard it is to write a 20-clue-classic by hand. Let alone a fully symmetric one. I only know three now. The first one I know was from Bram in the 2011 24H-Marathon, the second one from Stefan Heine, but I'm not sure, if it was constructed by hand. Probably not.

    So no need to apologize for this.